Friday, June 11, 2010

Everything that *could* go wrong . . .

. . . did go wrong.

I came home from work and was pleased to see that a tee shirt that I had ordered had arrived--until I opened the package. The packing slip stated that the tee shirt was white, but it sure looked turquoise to me!

Then I went downstairs to do the laundry, only to discover that the machine that sells refills for the card that operates the washers and dryers was not working. Since we had only enough "credit" on our card to pay for one of our two loads of laundry, a trip to the local drop-off laundromat (where the employees wash, dry, and fold your laundry for you) is now necessary.

Between laundry cycles, I put dinner up to cook and tried to download some files from e-mail and save them, but my almost-brand-new computer informed me that Word was not working!

I went back to the basement to put the washed load into the dryer, and discovered, much to my annoyance, that I'd forgotten to put two of my own shirts into the wash. They'll have to wait 'til Monday.

Returning to our apartment, I uploaded Acrobat Reader, only to find that the version on the CD that came with my almost-brand-new monitor is not compatible with my computer. I'll have to look on the Internet for a download.

Back to the basement I went to pick up the dried clothing, and was dismayed to see that I'd accidentally dried an item that's not supposed to be dried.

With all this craziness, I never got around to practicing my haftarah (prophetic reading) for this Shabbat (Sabbath), and Haftarah Shabbat Rosh Chodesh is long!

The good news:

I managed to find a work-around for the file that refused to be saved, saving it in the wrong folder, then dragging and dropping it to the right one. The other Word files that I wanted to download and save didn't give me any trouble.

The accidentally-dried item is still wearable.

Okay, enough goofing off--I'm off to the laundromat.

Pre-Shabbat update: Congratulate me--Ms. Lost-in-(Cyber)Space just successfully downloaded Acrobat Reader and opened and saved a file with it. (Don't all roll your eyes at once. :) ) Shabbat Shalom, everyone.


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